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Rent A Camper Van

No matter what hotels you’ve visited and what kind of places you’ve been, you’ve always envied those who have their own camper van and can stop and stay wherever they want. Now you can do it too with the help of camper van rental san luis obispo.

We have prepared for you several types of camper vans that you can rent. Each van is modernly equipped, so it will provide you complete comfort in camping. There are two sleeping beds in them, which can sleep 4 people. In the camper van, there is a stove that runs on propane, then a refrigerator, a sink, a large closet in which you can put a lot of things. There is also all the necessary camping equipment such as kitchen utensils and bedding. Everything is from the best manufacturers, top quality. The camper van also has central heating, so you’ll be able to travel even when the days and nights get colder.

Camper Van Rental San Luis Obispo

If you need optional extras, you can see what we offer and their prices on camper van rental san luis obispo. Some of the accessories are also roof structures, which will mean a lot to you if you carry a lot of luggage. You can rent bike racks as well as surfboards. We also have portable awnings that can provide you with additional shade and good protection from the rain. There is also room for your pets in our camper vans.

You can rent a camper van from May to October. For all additional information, it is best to look at camper van rental san luis obispo.

If you want to realize your old dream, one click on camper van rental san luis obispo is enough. We will help you finally have your dream vacation.