Your Hair, Your Choice

You’ve always thought that men’s haircuts are the same, whether you visit a salon or a barber shop. However, there are differences. If you want to have the best classic hairstyles or the most modern hairstyles, one click is enough at

Any service you request from a bereber or hairdresser will be done professionally and responsibly.

In the barbershop you can only get a classic men’s haircut, while in the salon you can choose the hairstyle you want. In the barbershop, you will have all the necessary service, if you want a classic men’s haircut AND if you like this type of haircut, the barbershop is the ideal place for you. Barber shop employees are trained in all classic hair styles. And if you like pleasant places where everyone from the immediate neighborhood gathers, the barbershop is the right place for you.


In the salon, you can get top-notch service not only for haircuts, you can request everything you want to do with your hair there. All hairdressers are trained so that they can provide you with a wide range of hair styling services. This does not include only classic haircuts. You can expect any hairstyle you want from a professional hairdresser. They will provide you with the services of washing your hair, coloring, blow-drying, making hairstyles, as well as many other services that hairdressers can provide. The salon is usually more crowded, everyone does their job professionally and they don’t have time for stories from the neighborhood.

However, there is a place where you can find both one and the other type of atmosphere. We have created a salon that includes all barber services. You can come to us, if you want barber services, whenever you want, and if you want salon services, then you have to make an appointment. You must tell us what you want us to do with your hair, so that we can plan enough time to devote to you. All our services, be it Berber or salon, will be provided by professionally employed staff.